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areas in southern maryland and the lower eastern shore. we'll become partly sunny this afternoon. lunchtime 51 with a high today around 55 and a north wind oh 5, 10 miles an hour. little disturbance coming out of the north carolina managed to sneak enough moisture up across oh southeastern virginia and even into the northern neck, the lower eastern shore. a couple of sprinkles up to dunkirk. annapolis one or two drops as well but the heavier stuff is on the lower eastern shore. this is moving to the north northeast and cambridge along route 50 a little shower here in the next hour and even in easton this may get you too here in the next one, two hours. 32 in the shenandoah valley but 44 in fredericksburg. we'll see sun this afternoon with a high around 55. it's 5:00 a.m. monika samtani, timesaver traffic and still smiling so i think that's good although there's red on the map. >>> there's a little bit of red on the map and that is just construction in parts of the area. really no big deals to report and the volumes are so light that if you're heading out the door right now i don'
into the neighborhood overnight into southern maryland. the northern neck, the lower eastern shore. you can see a couple of sprinklesholding together here and just southeast of bowie. along and south of route 50. across the bay with showers from cambridge back have just been breaking up some and to the south we have a few sprinkles you see them out of the northern neck into st. mary's county. it's time for timesaver traffic with monika samtani. >>> on the outer loop of the beltway before university boulevard a car hit a pole along the right side of the road. and you know friday morning volumes are so light it's not affecting traffic too much. but i want you to be aware of it if that's where you're headed on this north side of town heading west on the beltway you see just that bit of yellow there and that's why because of the accident. other than that you're okay. let's take a live look outside. show you what it looks like on southbound 270 but it's better than normal heading for 109 down to 121. a look at the maps again, and this time over to the other side of town. no problems to report southbound on 2
, and maryland. a few sprinkles from annapolis into southern maryland as well as farther west across northern virginia from southern fairfax county, prince william. bring an umbrella here over the next hour or so. we also have temperatures well above freezing. upper 20s to low 30s much of the region now. and we have a winter weather advisory in effect. all those counties can get heavier snow throughout the day. in the meantime, passing light showers and chilly during the afternoon, changing to some snow that may accumulate on grassy areas. i'll show you how much i think they may get. that may be coming up in a few minutes. >>> overnight, a lot of people across the district took to the streets to celebrate president obama's re-election. news 4's derrick ward joins us live from "u" street where things got a little rowdy earlier. >> reporter: indeed they did. it's all quiet now. it's a typical tuesday morning. first, take a look at the white house. upon learning of president obama's re-election, a jubilant crowd broke into chants of four more years out in front of the white house and in lafayett
is picking up on showers and mainly in southern maryland. light showers in tow and we can see it around calvert county and other than that, things are nice and dry this morning as you step out the door. don't forget the big coat. once again we are dealing with temperatures that are on the cold side. 37 degrees in clarksville and frederick at 35 degrees more of the same in bel air. wind are calm right now and we will be seeing some sunshine as we go throughout the day. so be prepared for that as well. as we check out what's going on in terms of the day, we will be seeing some sunshine. temperatures will come in right around 51 degrees for a high so be prepared for that as well. let's go back over to megan and charley. >> thanks so much. >>> a water main break in baltimore county to tell you b no longer an issue. crews fixed the crack overnight. it happened at millford mill and scots level road. at one point 260 homes were without water and that has beenreported and restored so not an issue now but it was yesterday and overnight. >>> another water main break more issues on the roads let's
had a few showers early this morning, lower eastern shore down into southern maryland toward calvert county, charles county, a little bit of rain. now that's a done deal. we'll still look for a coastal system to ride along the carolina coast. looks like all of the unsettled weather will stay out, maybe a couple along the charleston area. looks like we'll stay nice and clear and a flat temperature pattern, no big chill and also no big warmup has temperatures will struggle to get out of the 40s. we'll and up in the low 40s. big high pressure bubble to the west. you can see clear weather all the way out into the upper northern plains into nebraska and dakotas, crystal clear. that will extend into maryland. so quiet weather pattern, no question. good for the early thanksgiving travelers. 32 tonight, mostly clear. tomorrow 53, mostly sunny. conditions will turn milder as we go into the afternoon hours. by tomorrow down to 43, mostly clear. next few days, staying cool with temperatures in the mid-50s. we'll see decent sunshine. we get into the late tuesday team frame. the outlook into earl
5600 customers in the dark in southern maryland. that fixed byave tomorrow night. years of flooding beginning to subside all across the area. adam caskey has more on that in your forecast. the fear of flooding should be subsiding. are quickly levels subsiding. flooded by israel for the entire region. advisory. it's for the district of columbia, around georgetown, a coastal flood advisory until midnight. tide at 10:37 this evening. water levels will be 1.5 feet normal outside, nothing unusual and for a big rainfall event in the area. that's the only flood advisory have to speak of at the . live super doppler 7 radar , areas of green, especially fairfax county from burke springfield and across potomac, prince george's , south of bowie, just a sprinkles. also, frederick county, east of highway 15 and around winchester as well. r screen.s on the rada midday sprinkles. they will be pretty short-lived. then a few sunny breaks this afternoon, temperatures in the low 50's. a few of us, mid 50's. >> thanks so much. the following breaking news. scandal at penn state. criminal charges being fi
a freeze warning set for going into early tomorrow morning. nothing for the district or southern maryland. temperatures will fall into the 40's. the sunset this evening at 5:00 for banks to the end of daylight -- yet the potential for storm, how could impact the atlantic in just a few minutes. a later start to the school day. that will make a lot of students happy, but we will tell is why not everyone supporting the idea. supporting the idea. a traffic incident and we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take carere of my familily. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> a 2-year-old boy is dead tragic accident at the pittsburgh sue. visiting the zoo mother and friends and an over look into it closure containi
of culpeper now. in southern maryland, while we've got breaks here, this area is shifting east. i think you can expect a few more showers over the next several hours. winds are gusty, near 30 in town. but the wind gusts do die down out here to the west. this is with the front near 29 now at the patuxent river naval air station. they won't be as gusty later this morning. temperatures are cold. it's 43 in great falls. 43 vienna. 46 at fort belvoir. upper marlboro is 48. got 50 downing in prince frederick from our weather watcher there. even out west in loudoun county, lots of lower 40s with the wind as well. so windchills in the 30s. outside on our michael & son weather camera, you can see a little bit of that reduced visibility with the clouds around, some showers in spots. north winds at 12 miles an hour. so our windchill 42. the humidity 83%. here's the front blasting through the region with the rain showers. we'll see it get out of here the next few hours. it's going to take the clouds with it as well. that might not happen till about lunch time. if anybody is lingering with some showers
and a sprinkle down to southern maryland and the northern neck. some moisture coming in from that nor'easter which will throw plenty of downside our day and wig -- clouds our way and kick up the winds out of the north this afternoon and yes some light rain or a rain/snow mix even into the afternoon and evening hours as temperatures drop into the upper 30s. doppler is picking audiotape the storm off -- up the storm offshore. you can see the moisture in long island, jersey and the delmarva coast. the air is so dry hardly any of this is reaching the ground yet. we do know southern maryland here's reedville a couple of sprinkles there and lock at that off the areas in the lower chesapeake are seeing that. then the dover delaware doppler seeing heavier showers into central and northern delaware. that moisture is really going to hit jersey hard and the winds are going to hit the coastal areas they could gust 50 maybe 60 along the coast. our gusts could top 30 here later today. tonight early thursday. temperatures are running nit maryland 30s in montgomery county. 37 in laurel and centrevill
of some showers across the area. here we go. only showers touching the ground are across southern maryland pushing across the bay. they will be with us here for the next couple of hours along with cloud cover but i think by late this morning, we'll start to see some improvement and eventually some sunshine. once the sun gets in here, should be a nice looking afternoon. you can see out to the west into west virginia, we're already getting some clearing. hope that made sense. if it didn't, i'm going to do the weather in two minutes. >>> we begin with an amber alert for 18-month-old alexis rose carlile. you see her picture there on the screen. she was last seen on low are liberty road at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. police believe she was traveling in a niece tap stationing with a and with these virginia tags. police say she is with these two people. investigators believe the suspects are heading towards the d.c. area. -- she was traveling in a nissan station wagon with these virginia tags. >>> dozens of d.c. families packed a city council hearing last night to speak out about a plan to cl
maryland. in fact, i had to add the chance for some sprinkles or showers for southern maryland and primarily east of i-95. everything will pull away quickly tomorrow. we're still looking for a very nice friday. we are going to have some clouds in the morning. in fact, here's our futurecast. 6:30, clouds back to frederick and leesburg and manassas, but they skedaddle pretty fast. by 4:00 or 5:00 they're out of the delmarva. we will start with a few morning clouds friday. so chilly start at the bus stop friday. you will eventually need your shades and a jacket. we're looking at morning clouds but a nice day, very nice day. not much wind. that's going make it feel a little better. the weekend looks okay. we've removed showers and clouds from sunday. overnight mostly cloudy and chilly. sprinkles and showers south and east of town, calvert county, st. mary's. not much it at all in terms of heavy activity. becoming partly cloudy in the morning, a chilly start, 30s and 40s, winds north-northeast at 10, then by afternoon, a very nice day. mostly sunny and cool, almost seasonable. we're
s and 40s this morning. mostly cloudy skies and even a sprinkle in southern maryland. lower eastern shore. noon 51 and a mix of clouds and sun this afternoon with a high close to 55 degrees. you can see on the satellite and radar a little system in eastern north carolina got areas across southeastern virginia and some of that is actually stuck into areas not too far away. the shadyside area, dunkirk and prince frederick. e. j. tolding me .500 of an inch of rain have fallen overnight. but only should be around for a couple more hours and then turn again into partly sunny conditions this afternoon. across the region we've got mid 40s on the bay and down in southern maryland. but look north and west, we're in the low 30s there. so big range in temperatures and highs this afternoon low to mid-50s. 4:27, here comes monika samtani smiling on this friday with timesaver traffic. >>> happy friday everybody. 14th street southwest, north of main avenue, there had been a tractor-trailer on fire. i was just told that everything was reopened good to go in that area. 14th street southwest north of
warning for tonight. district orthe southern maryland. like this,ast looks skies later on tonight. will fall.s deal of sunshine for the day tomorrow. around 50only degrees. keep the cooler for the day in line on tuesday. it should remain dry and a for heavier rain tuesday and into wednesday. , 32 degrees to 39 degrees and then tomorrow a great deal of sunshine. extended al look, temperatures will be dipping on wednesday. the coastal stone will be -- the damp andll be cold. election day, tuesday, d wear their jackets. especially a long lines. in the morning hours. >> it was a raw and dampen a redskins -- damp of day for the redskins. could the giants still pulled e the redskins' some relief? macboo there were a two-out comes redskins-panthers game. now 3-6 and a different aftermath which caused many fans to scratch their heads and even to question where they do next. shanahan offered a bombshell of statement. lose a game like looking to see who be on your football team for years to come. >> it is very tough. he said that it? the redskins are now 3-6 on the season. seven games to ru
in washington now. our nearby suburbs, light rain in southern maryland from charles county, st. marys, northern neck of virginia and the eastern shore. it will be ending there over the next couple hours. we are clearing out from the west. the latest satellite pictures showing a nice clearing. it's going to continue to do so through the rest of the afternoon. what a chill in the air. it's only 45 at reagan national. off to the west and north, low 40s. hovering in the mid-40s, maybe briefly upper 40s over the next couple hours. the chill remains throughout the week ahead. we'll look at that. the seven dayout look coming up in a few minutes. back to you barbara and keith. >> thank you, tom. let's check on midday traffic now. >> danella with not so good news to share. >> unfortunately, it's been a mess all morning. let's head to clarksville, md 32 highway closed between linden church road. be aware of that. another closure, eastbound, the bu dulles greenway is shut down due to a crash. another accident, inner loop seeing big delays because of this. it was van dorin blocking the right lane. right no
of the moderate rain showers. southern maryland st. mary's, calvert, not much going on. down in st. mary's this is drifting toward the eastern shore and down around reedville and the northern neck we have the showers. everything is moving northeast this morning. temperatures south and east of town still holding on to about 50 but the farther north and west you go, the colder it gets. 42 hagerstown. the upper 20s in garrett county. outside on our michael & son weather camera, good visibility. in fact, just cloudy skies at the moment at reagan national but more showers on the wind. winds north at 16 gusting 28 last check. that's pushing our windchill down to 42 even though our air temp is 48. here's the big picture. you can see the front coming through now with the rain and showers. a little bit of snow on the very back side of this before it ends in a few spots but in western pennsylvania and west virginia, clearing already taking place. that's what i anticipate us for as we head toward later this morning into the afternoon. we are going to see the rain showers scoot off to the east. in f
returns in two minutes. >>> 4:40 on this friday morning. chilly out there. southern maryland lower eastern shore you're seeing a couple of sprinkles even but we're going to see clouds this morning and more sun later this afternoon and high temperatures approaching 55 degrees. looking decent for the weekend. those details in about five minutes. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. >>> northbound on 395, here's what it looks like as you go up to the 14th street bridge right now lanes are ohm. it's friday morning light everybody. looking good. leaving duke street and then if you head to the 14th street bridge, you're going to be okay as well. lanes are open. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. >>> thanks monika. it's time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> i didn't hear numbers yesterday jess. how'd we do? >> what do you think? they weren't great. >> sliding off the cliff still. >> marching ever closer to the edge of the cliff and in the meantime wall street has been paying attention to the head of the economy and the bankin
in the southern maryland area from richmond right now. a cloudy chilly day and maybe 43 this afternoon. but even a couple of sprinkles by lunchtime if not later this morning. then a rain/snow mix liter this afternoon -- later this afternoon. temperatures falling into the upper 30s with a north wind at 17. could have windchills closer to 30 for the ride home. we do have the moisture off the -- let me just go back on this. i want to back up for you and show you -- come on computer just does this to me at times. there's the bands of rain now affecting coastal areas and locally we've got what looks to be rain across areas east and south. this is not reaching the ground just yet. although as you see here along the coastal areas the much more moderate rain showers are starting to be thrown back to ocean city and rehoboth and new jersey and the air is going to get colder more so and that rain is going to be changing to snow there. it's 38 this morning in college park and bowie. it's 37 in ashburn. 38 in haymarket and 39 springfield. pretty uniform on the temps. cloudy skies on our michael & son weather
's counties, much of southern maryland as well as in fauquier county where we have the hometown forecast for warrenton. by 6:30 just in the low 30s there. then by the launch hour into the mid-40s with sunshine breaking out. hour by hour today. we'll have winds with us off and on. gusts maybe around 20 miles an hour. forecast for the whole region, highs reaching near 60 with sunshine in the afternoon. right down in the near 40s by sunset today which is early, 5:03. our sunrise that's an hour earlier at 6:40 this morning. a look at the coastal storm, what it may do to us. i'll have the latest on that in ten minutes. the latest on your traffic with danella. good morning. >>> first let's start with i-66 eastbound approaching the beltway. a disabled vehicle there just off to the right shoulder lane. your travel lanes are open. still seeing road work there. if you're traveling westbound 50 at 201. that paving is taking away one of your lanes. we are seeing delays as you get towards 205 just slow approaching 201. heading to bw parkway in maryland between the baltimore beltway and the capitol be
of southern maryland, eastern shore, 40s there. and the four-day forecast showing this unusual chill continuing. it does look like we will remain colder than average into the weekend. cloudiness today. sunny saturday. right now the latest on the coastal storm. it will be farther out to sea. and it may not affect us at all with any precipitation. stay tuned. chilly mid week. i'll be back in 10 minutes. good morning. >>> good morning. kicking off our first traffic report first with the rails. glen mont, a track problem there. so you're seeing tracking on the red line between wheaton and glen mont. over to the roadways, i-270 southbound germantown picking up volume. out of frederick, you are pretty much jammed. very sluggish towards clarksburg in tt area. 66, usual delays as you wake your way past 70 east bound. your travel lanes are open. you're starting to slow down a bit to the beltway. under speed. that drive will take you 12 minutes. eun, back over to you. >>> 6:22. the spray that will supposedly keep your man faithful. >> a spray? >> i don't know. >>> the new proposal to lower tax
, it does look like it is reaching the ground, southern maryland and the northern neck. they've had only .02 of an inch as well as the eastern shore. we're above freezing just about everywhere from the blue ridge east. farther west with the cloud cover breaking up, upper 20s to near 30 degrees. hour by hour forecast for the day today, by 7:00 a.m., should be near 40. sun out after that by noontime and during the rest of the afternoon as we reach mid-50s midafternoon. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your friday evening planner. a look at your first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. >>> a live look from chopper 4 from i-66 heading eastbound and westbound at 50. nice normal friday volume, very light. as you make your way from the beltway at fairfax county parkway. that drive taking just 11 minutes right now. let's shoot over to 95 in the newington area, just a bit of a delay. from quantico, not bad. take you northbound to get to the beltway. on the i-95 virginia, north and southbound. not seeing any reports of accidents. over to the rails, metro, marc, and vre, n
and into southern maryland. a few other scattered sprinkles north and west of there. as we look here at the cloud cover associated with this circulation, there are breaks in the clouds. southern maryland, sun breaking out there. a little sun breaking out as well down to the south and west. temperatures are chilly. we are just in the 40s to around 50 degrees. it's a damp chill within the air. as we go forward over the next couple days, we generally have much more sunshine around on friday and over the weekend that we have seen the last couple days, which is great news, drier air is finally going to begin to move in. as we look at the forecast for the afternoon, a few breaks in the clouds, might see breaks in sunshine. breezy, low and mid-50s for highs. northwest winds around 20 miles per hour. for the evening, sunset, 6:07. chilly, lighter winds down to the mid-40s. the four-day forecast for tomorrow, more sun than today. wind is still a bit blustery. still chilly. 30s in the morning. afternoon high, low 50s. cold mornings. afternoon's high to mid-50s with more sunshine. this is the weekend we tur
-up points in three counties in southern maryland donations were collected for one mass shipment. >> they need warm coats children's clothing, i just cannot imagine not having these things. they collected some much that two 50-foot tractor trailers were also donated just to get everything to new jersey. these trucks will be packed solid with supplies, things like baby food, loaded into the struck. the doors will be opened in communities that need them the most. >> ultimately without having a big organization accept these and maybe just put it in storage somewhere, we want to see it go to the people who truly need it. >> for many across the community, it hits close to home. >> it could have easily been us. 200 miles south, it would have been us. this is our way of saying sorry this happened to you, but we are here to help out any way we can. >> they are going to smile and say thank you, and i know it will not solve the problem, but it least will help them a little bit. >> abc7 news. >> alright. sunnier days ahead. not as cool as we have seen for the last week. >> >> hundreds of pe
. they will not move that much from where they are currently. some areas of light rain, even down in southern maryland. light rain developing throughout the day. for the drive home, expecting mainly snow across our region. but it will be lights now. just a one out of 10. road temperatures are near 40 degrees, not expecting to accumulate on the road except closer to baltimore. that is where the snow will be heavier and it will dynamically cool the ground and allow accumulations' on the road closer to baltimore. one to 2 inches, maybe three on some spots on the services. washington area, just some glorified rain. minor accumulations. roads for the most part should just be wet. that is the latest on the mall. back to you inside. >> thank you. >> we will continue to bring you election results from several races.
. everything shaded in bright blue, southern maryland not included. here is our future casts for the next 48 hours. still a definite chill in the approaching 50 degrees. on election they will upper-40's around 50 degrees. freeze warning west of d.c. election day will call for around 50 degrees. nor'easter could rainhe coast with heavy d.winustin look on the bright side, look toward next weekend. what industry that will be. temperatures potentially in the lower 60's. is crazy when 60's looks good. the storms we're early, does it tend what the winter will be like at all? k we will have a lot then last winter. -- a lot more snow than last winter. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine the pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a qualifying pnc performance select checking account and earn 75% % more than cars earning 1% cash back oalmost everything. the clock is ticking, the tercet and the outcome is anyone's guess. but -- the candidate are and the outcome is anyone's guess. the blackberry-infused donkeys totally the militias presidential polls. have a big election it comparedwill see to reality.
. mittal for the southern maryland and lexington park. there is milder air to the south west, not tremendously warmer, a lot colder air off to the north and west. we remain under this cooler air mass the next several days, keeping the temperature is about average this below year.f but not be surprised if tomorrow some areas do not get out of the r 40's for the daytime highs. than it wass colder the 24 hours ago at airport. ae satellite radar, g throughce pushin virginia, central virginia. this is pushing towards the south and east. no impact on our. clouds continue to mainly south of the d.c.. more sunshine in the morning to d.c. rth of especially around hagerstown, southern pennsylvania. the future-cast exit 48 hours, north, theo the temperatures hovering around 50 degrees. monday, more sunshine, brighter the departure still quite cool this time of year. -- the temperature still quite cold this time of year. temperatures fall into the overnight, partly cloudy. tomorrow, if you like this day, a little bit brighter. the extended outlook, quiet on election day tuesday. question
. this is advancing to the north and northwest. southern maryland, northern virginia. all these areas in light green. just a few sprinkles of chilly rain. that's in anne arundel, calvert, charles, st. mary's, southern prince george's county. also getting a few sprinkles across the potomac and fairfax county and down 95 to prince william and stafford and spotsylvania and parts of fauquier county. there may be a few wet snowflakes along the blue ridge just to the northwest of warrenton, and temperatures are all above freezing, though. we are in the mid and upper 30s. low 40s. it's going to be a damp and chilly morning as you head out this wednesday morning. you'll need an umbrella as we're going to have the sprinkles around for a time into the morning hours. today later and into tonight, we've got a winter weather advisory in effect for maybe as much as four inches of snow. that's going to be up into southern pennsylvania. lighter amounts farther south and closer to the metro area. i'll show you how much i think we're going to get coming up here in a few minutes. as we go forward, the storm system wel
. if it is not raining at your house, i'm looking at southern maryland down towards colonial beach there in virginia, you will be getting some rain shortly. most of the area will get a tenth of an un. of rain, maybe a quarter inch of rain. check out your daytime high. about 50 damage if we're lucky. it will be windy and much cooler this afternoon. >> wasn't it like this last week? >> yeah, we had a cool week. >> we know what this is like. >> easy come, easy go. >> there you go. >> time now to check in with julie wright to see what is happening with the early, early morning commute as well get ready to head back to work today. >> easy come, easy go. are you talking about the weather or your wallet? >> both. a combination of the two. >> especially when the kids are involved, right? >> that's right. waking up to wet pavement. allow extra time out here on the roads. keep in mind, the long and winding roads that are leaf colored, very slippery this morning. traffic flowing freely on kenilworth avenue from pennsylvania avenue headed out to the d.c. line. i think m
as in washington county. breaks in the clouds, southern maryland on the eastern shore, but it's all cloudy around the metro area and points west. there is a chill in the air. it's in the low 40s to near 40 degrees, much of the region. hour by hour today, might have a sprinkle this morning. a lot of cloudiness through noontime. by then it will be in the low 50s and winds may be gusting to around 15 or 20 miles an hour or so. sunrise 7:36. by late afternoon, highs reaching the mid 50s. i'll return in ten minutes. your first traffic this morning. >> grood morning. still dealing with that fire. your closures are between third street and sixth street. you may want to take first street in that area. avoid it if possible if you're about to head out of the house. let's head over to i-95 southbound in virginia. had construction set up. was blocking the left lane. hov lanes were shut down, but you can see traffic was getting by, that was earlier because of construction. also good news on the road, 395 northbound, had an accident, that accident is gone. travel lanes are open between the 14th street bridge a
or sprinkle. that would be in southern maryland. i think we will miss that in baltimore. a slight chance for a rain shower this evening. high temperatures in the upper 40's and low 50's. the average high temperature is 57. the record high temperature today is 79. mostly cloudy skies tonight. the temperatures will drop back into the upper 30's by tomorrow morning. mostly sunny on friday with a high near 54. it should stay dry bank on saturday and sunday. there will be a storm off the coast. a chance for rain 30% on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. there could be a little bit of rain next week. >> there is a chance you could pay a new tax to pick up food for your pet. a new surcharge on the product registration fees pet food companies pay to the states. it would be the third such tax on the same bank of dog or cat food. there's a new push to add a $1 tax to a pack of cigarettes for maryland smokers. the tax would help more young people kick the habit. it would be the fourth hike since 1999. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think raising the tobacco tax by an ad
because of cloud cover that's moved in. also a few showers in towards portions of southern maryland. we'll continue to watch those as they try to move our way. let's show you first off a fairly nice evening if you like it cold. believe me, there are a lot of you saying bring on the cool weather, a beautiful shot of the capitol, little earlier this evening, just a gorgeous night out there to maybe take a little walk. the wind began to ease a little bit with temperatures in the mid-40s, as long as you were bundled up, not bad. high temperature today 51 degrees yet again well below afg, our average high 58. most areas 5 to 10 degrees below average today and nowhere near the record. look at the record high, 83 set back in 1993. that shows you how warm we can still get this time of year. 44 degrees the current number, winds oust northeast at 7 miles per hour. last night at this time we were sitting at 38 and there were already some areas into the 20s. you are not seeing that tonight as a result of the cloud cover. 32 in winchester and into frederick, the coolest spots, 36 in manassas. the ra
, things will taper off and it's doing that. and mainly it's in southern maryland. some could creep up to the north so don't be surprised if you get a few sprinkles. and as you head to the bus stop you could put the umbrella and the can -- in the kids backpack but they won't need it this afternoon. what you need this morning is a big coat because temperatures are at 36 degrees as we go into the afternoon. they can keep the coat because we are going to be quite chilly. temperatures coming in well below where we should be now for this time of the year. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: you want to crank the heat in the car. it's going to be a chilly one. heading to baltimore city, be aware that debris removal has shut downfalls road between lafayette avenue and clipper mill road. it will be closed all the way through 3 p.m. on sunday. you will want to use 83 instead. and a crash is actually just cleared on 83 up in parkton along the northbound lanes at york road and at shawan everything is moving along and delays dissipate
this morning. but, also picking up on some showers mainly in southern maryland and you can see all them stretching back off the coast of the carolinas and also virginia coast as well. but what's going on is we are seeing a disturbance across the area this morning and with that, we could be seeing a couple sprinkles even move in a little further to the north as we go through the morning. but all this will begin to die down going throughout the day. so be prepared for some chilly temperatures and clouds and also some sun mixing in as we go mainly through the afternoon. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so far so good out of 95. there's absolutely nothing to get in your way at 395. and it will remain clear as you travel through the fort mchenry tunnel. using the jfx, no problems to report. but do watch out for road closures in baltimore city. we are dealing with some debris cleanup that shut downfalls road between lafayette and clipper mill road. it won't actually reopen until 3 p.m. on sunday. and north charles street remains
. southern maryland a couple of sprinkles earlier and right now those are gone and even out on the lower eastern shore that's all that's left. rockville is 39. it's 40 in crofton and upper marlboro 39. same story in reston and ashburn. haymarket this morning, little bill milder and still cold 42 degrees. that's outside on our michael & son weather camera, good visibility in spite of clouds but i don't have any precip and it's dry out there. and really dry. look at the humidity. 43%. dew points continue to drop. behind the nor'easter, the drier air is coming in on those northerly winds. boy that's just a very i want pressive looking -- impressive looking satellite and radar composite there with that thing just spinning spinning. bringing in the northerly, north northwesterly winds. that's going to keep us on the brisk side today. but as this storm pulls away, and it will over oh the next 12 to 24 hours, we'll see the sun return this afternoon. the winds will die down tonight. and then starting tomorrow, the warming trend kicks in and this weekend looks fantastic. today, 54. going to be a
of southern maryland, maybe a dusting to a half inch. and, again, on grassy areas, road temperatures above freezing. roads should just be wet. four-day forecast. sun back tomorrow. bit of a blustery wind, today, tonight, and rm tomorrow. a beautiful pattern friday all the way through veterans day weekend and the first part of next week. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >>> good news on i-95, mile marker 151. left lane blocked by an accident in that area. still seeing now about an eight mile backup as you make your way from stafford heading towards triangle. you're just jammed. hopefully, we'll see those delays fade. good news here, it is a disabled in your right shoulder lane, and travel lanes are open. up the beltway on 66 eastbound, up the bypass, just past centerville road. from fairfax county parkway, though, nice ride. picking up a little bit of volume but not bad. your travel speed 61 miles per hour. aaron and eun? >> thank you, danella. >>> right after this, the very controversial vote that is all beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you
. most of this is in southern maryland, around fredericksburg. but most of this is very, very light. you may need to put those windshield wipers on just a little bit. but that is it. as you can see here, this is where the snow is, up through new york, trenton, new jersey, around the philadelphia area, seeing a mixture of rain and snow. and right along the shore, the places that were hit hardest by sandy, the jersey shore, long island, staten island, they are seeing tremendous snow right now. and not just with snow, they're looking at very strong winds, upwards of 40, 50, 60 miles nor. a lot of people up there have talked about that power going out. they've gotten it back now. now they're worried the power will go out once again. first off, the storm impact in our area, no watches, no warnings at all. but look up toward the north and east. we've got a winter storm warning in philadelphia. that's just been canceled, now it's a winter weather advisory. long island, new york, to the jersey shore toward southern portions of delaware, and coastal flood warnings as i talked about, including oce
burying the war. >> wayne karlin teaches language and literature at the college of southern maryland. he's a novelist inspect is a non-fiction book "wandering soul: journey with the dead and living in vietnam." thank you. >>> every weekend booktv offers 48 hours of programming focused on non-fiction authors and books. watch it here on c-span2. >>> you're watching booktv on c-span two. and joining us now in the sphiewd koa why malcom the founder and chairman of the foundation of the american writers museum. mr. o'hagan very quickly, what is the american writers museum. >> guest: it may be a future home for the booktv studio among other things. seriously, it will be a place where people will come and engage with writers and writing. in ways they never been able to do before. it will be the first national museum dedicated to celebrating our bringers and helping people understand the impact they've had on the culture and history, our daily lives. >> host: we spoke to you about two years ago and the concept was getting off the ground. what's the progress you've made. >> guest: let me thank yo
. you could still see a sprinkle. in the lower northern eastern shore and southern maryland, going to abfew more hours of clouds and -- to be a few more hours of crowds and showers. we're running 25 degrees colder at andrews. 20 colder in leesburg. even 25 cold near oakland with the actual temps now in the 30- degree range out in garrett county. it's 43 in winchester. frederick is 46. 48 in culpeper. that is what looks to be the warmest on the board. maybe harrisonburg at 49. here in the district a chilly midday. outside mostly cloudy off to the east. some breaks out to the west here in northwest on our michael & son weather camera. the big picture, the front is coming through. that's brought in the cold airp. got rid of the warmth -- cold air. got rid of the warmth. we're going to see the skies clear somewhat this afternoon. tonight we should go clear and cold. maybe a few showers -- a few clouds rather well south and east early. a sunny day on wednesday but we're starting in the 20s and 30s. this time of year we're only going to get to about 50 or so in the afternoon. tomorrow ni
counties. much of southern maryland near the bay hovering near 50. for the morning commute, you'll need an umbrella. rainy, chilly, by 6:00 a.m. still hovering in the upper 40s to mid-40s in the north and west. by noontime, all the rain over. should end by 9:00 or 10:00. cloudy and chilly for the lunch hour. winds still blustery, 20 miles an hour out of the north and west. we'll be holding steady in the 40s for the rest of the afternoon and down to near 40 by midnight and down to 30 by dawn tomorrow. by this time tomorrow morning, likely a widespread freeze under a clear sky. lots of sun tomorrow but highs only in the 40s to near 50. average high this time of year 59. we're not going to be anywhere near that for the next several days. cold mornings and chilly afternoons thursday, friday, and saturday. we may have a little disturbance off the atlantic seaboard sunday into monday. may give you some rain. stay tuned. we'll keep you posted on that. now with first 4 traffic, here's danella. good morning. >> thanks, tom. if you're about to head out of the house and even later action today is
probably 64 as well. but downtown 65. mid 60s in through southern maryland. charles county, st. mary's county, 66 in annapolis, no small craft advisory for saturday. we might see one hoisted for sunday. mid 62 for gaithersburg. rockville, frederick on up 270. so we'll break it down for you. next three days, do you know what, green, green and green. 9 weather alerts, why would they be any cooler. milder tomorrow. 74 on sunday. some clouds on monday. maybe a shower before the day is out. but still a very nice day. next seven days, grab the umbrella for tuesday. that's the storm out west. rain and showers, cooler, temperatures in the mid 50s. and then in the wake of the storm, really quite nice. sunday shines. temps back in the mid to upper 50s wednesday, thursday and friday of next week. and, oh, by the way, next thursday will be a week from thanksgiving. don't forget about that. >> oh, so much to do. >> just eat out. [ laughing ] >> have a present for you there. you can go ahead and hold that one up. >>> wusa9 jersey. we're giving away a jersey. all you have to do is log on to our fac
're getting the back edge of the precipitation, so still showers into southern maryland but good news. tomorrow afternoon we clear out and actually have a pretty nice afternoon as temperatures fall a bit but drier air moves in. next three days, our 9 weather alerts, yellow tomorrow because of the morning showers 52, nice but chilly wednesday 50, nice but cool thursday, 53. next seven days we'll finish the week nice, cooler, but 54 friday and saturday, nice for the terps game. right now for the redskins they are home against the eagles, looks like some rain and temperatures only in the 40s. 9news will be back right after this. stay tuned. >>> in the mailbag tonight general david petraeus, by now you know all about the former general and now former cia director who had to resign in the wake of that extramarital affair, but delmus from woodbridge says it's not all his fault. general petraeus devoted his entire life to the military, became a four star general, wrote the book on how to fight the war in iraq and afghanistan. along comes a female and destroys his entire life and family for t
, manassas, fairfax, 48 or 49. that's about it. downtown 50. low 50s into southern maryland. the wind, small craft advisory for the bay and in potomac, temperatures in the upper 40s. next three days, our 9 weather alerts are green, green and green. chilly but nice tomorrow, 50. cool but nice on thursday. still cool but not a bad day at all on friday. temperatures in the mid-50s. the good news is on thursday and friday, not much wind to worry about. the next seven days, saturday looks great for the terps in town. mid-50s, not much wind. on sunday, keep the chance for rain or showers late in the day. i think the redskins game will be dry now. we can go back in the low 50s monday and tuesday. more and more confidence that the storm stays out to sea. >> that's good news. >>> you know, last night youtube singer bono delivered the keynote address at geor atgetownhe global initiative. he speculated a bit as to what it might be like if colleges which are pretty competitive started doing attack ads of their own. take a listen. >> we're georgetown, we approve this message. >> let me say a few words ab
the board in the 50's and 60's, 54 culpepper, 5 degrees southern maryland, for lexington park. plenty of mild air to go around. detroit, pittsburgh, charleston, asheville, all looking at temperatures now in the 60's. you don't have to head too far to the west. look at minneapolis, now 27 degrees. the story is not really the cold front but the 24-hour temperature change compared to yesterday at this time now about 40 degrees colder in minneapolis. this cold front moves our way over the next 24 hours. clouds will increase for the day tomorrow, and with the clouds the rain will start tomorrow night into early tuesday morning. by tuesday afternoon, all of this will be out of here. satellite and radar, high pressure now moved just off the coast. here's that cold front marching towards chicago at this time, dropping quite a bit of rain, nothing severe. notice the back edge of this frontal system, not a whole lot of snow. the really cold air is going to take a little bit of time to filter behind it. so any showers or rain we see in our area, no need to worry
.c. and couple showers in southern maryland. until then we're in pretty good shape. then everything rolls through overnight. you may even hear a rumble of thunder, showers, rain, generally light to moderate activity. by 8:00 in the morning everything is beginning to pull out. the morning commute will be wet, but by this time tomorrow we're looking at clear skies, cooler and drier air moves back. in next three days because of the morning showers 9 weather alert yellow tomorrow, 52, 50, nice but chilly wednesday and still breezy. highs will struggle to get to 50, nice and cool thursday, temperatures in the low 50s. next seven days, still nice on friday and saturday for the terps. right now for the redskins some rain and showers possible, much cooler, highs in the upper 40s on sunday and monday. back to you guys. >> going to be time to bundle up. >>> the skins are coming off think bye week. >> they needed that rest i think. the redskins back to work and a key player returns to practice and it's a banner night for local sports, a caps coast entering the hall of fame and a nats star could walk away w
. suburbs down in the 40s, panhandle of west virginia. southern maryland around the tidal potomac and the tid water region of the bay, generally in the low 50s. this morning, here's your hour by hour forecast. by 6:00 a.m., may have patchy fog forming. upper 60s by midafternoon with increasing clouds rolling through and getting more humid too. a look at tonight, that's in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. thanks, tom. >>> checking the roads for you, let's start along 395. an early morning crash blocking the southbound lanes. as you travel 395 southbound at seminary road, your three right lanes are blocked. over to road work on the dulles toll road, what's going to happen is from the access road, you're going to have to get in the toll lanes and follow directions from that area. around the beltway, outer loop at central avenue, can't see it on camera, there it is. construction blocking the left lane and continues on the outer loop this time as you make your way to university boulevard. you're going to be forced down to just one lane, ev
to high pressure that's been pushing in and is in place. a few clouds over western maryland, northern west virginia into pennsylvania, but all clear elsewhere. we've got the november constellation showing up beautifully. right now in montgomery county near 30. just near 30 in prince george's county, much of southern maryland, including charles, calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel. right near the waters. away from the waters, the eastern shore as well as inland, all areas are at or below freezing most locations. out of the mountains into the lower teens. then by noontime, we ought to be in the low and mid-40s. sunny and a little chill in the air with that northeasterly breeze gusting from 5 to 15 miles an hour. the rest of the afternoon, we'll stay sunny. afternoon highs upper 40s to near 50 by midafternoon. overnight tonight, storm team 4 four-day forecast, increasing clouds. and by dawn on thursday, mid-30s. mostly cloudy tomorrow, maybe a little sun in and out. highs reaching upper 40s to around 50. that's way below the average high this time of year, which is at 59. on friday morning, mid
, manassas, downtown mid-60s, mid-60s into southern maryland and 66 in annapolis and no small craft advisory for saturday. there could be one for sunday as those south, southwest winds pick up. 64 in gaithersburg and 64 saturday in frederick. next three days our 9 weather alerts all green, 64 tomorrow, 70 sunday, warmer and then 67 monday. again, a few cloud come in, maybe a late sprinkle, but upper 60s, a pretty good veterans day, especially compared to 1987. rain and showers tuesday with a cold front. in the wake of that front it gets cooler but nice, bright but brisk, mid-50s wednesday, thursday and friday under mostly sunny skies. >> oh, yeah, enough said. >>> got some big college basketball games to not. >> we're making that transition from -- tonight. >> we're making that transition from football to basketball. it's early season, but a night of tests for local basketball teams, big games, maryland heading to brooktown, one of the most anticipated games of the early season and georgetown, anchors away, my boys, not exactly but close. the u.s. navy warship next. and now 9 sports with dav
told you this would be during the day yesterday. from i-95 around the beltway, in through southern maryland and portions of adorondo county. if you're driving around the beltway or you know somebody who is, they're probably seeing that sleet bouncing off the car right now. that's how you can tell if it's sleet and not freezing rain. over towards buoy, along clinton, right along 301, you'll continue to see that sleet. the biggest part of the storm is the snow and the wind which is right now through portions of new york, new jersey, philadelphia. boston now seeing the snow. one of the hardest-hit areas from sandy was long island, staten island and then down the jersey shore, they are getting hit again by not just the strong winds, but heavy snow on top of what they've seen from sandy. here's more on that story. >> reporter: hey, doug. this is something that we've ever seen before. none of us at the weather channel can remember a snowfall nine days after a hurricane hits an area. that's what's happening here in point pleasant, new jersey. one of the beaches ravaged by sandy a week ago
freezing in western maryland where the snow keeps things quite chilly. central maryland and southern maryland, the growing season ends tonight. 25 and the suburbs and the 35 downtown. a light breeze. the sun went down at 5:00. that is early now in standard time. even with a lot of sunshine, it will be a rather chilly november day. the winds and out of the northeast. things will be gradually increasing. in the mountains where there has been snow on the ground, the sunshine is there but it is cold. a potential for a storm off the coast midweek at that, -- the better chances for precipitation will be central and eastern maryland. it looks like that will mainly impact the coastal areas. the rain will become more likely in that area, though even on the lower eastern shore, election day should be beautiful as a high-pressure holds. dropping south toward the gulf, we are expecting it to develop in north florida. the cold high pressure is supplying enough chills that some areas could see what snow mixed in. the best chance for that is wednesday evening as the storm draws in some colder air.
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